Child protection policy

Welcome to the Child Protection Policy of Spotlights Dance Centres – Like Dance

  • It is the policy of the Spotlights Dance Centres – Like Dance to provide efficient, up-to-date, enjoyable and safe instruction in dance to all pupils who enrol in the school or join in the classes or activities.
  • Any venue used will be checked for any defects or faults that exist or may have developed which might present hazards to anyone attending the venue.
  • All instruction will be geared to the previous experience and abilities of the pupil(s) and no person will be required to perform movements beyond their intrinsic capabilities. Staff will be sensitive to all pupils’ religious beliefs and culture.
  • A day or accident book will be used to record any incident in the school, injuries of any nature to staff or pupils.
  • No very young pupil will be allowed to leave the school premises until collected by a parent, guardian or other adult authorised to do so by a parent or guardian. A member of staff will remain on the premises until all pupils have let.
  • No pupil under age 16 will be driven home by a member of staff in his/her car without the permission of a parent or guardian or in the event of an emergency.
  • Normally no member of staff will be alone with a young pupil for any substantial period of time without the consent of a parent or other authorised person.
  • If appropriate, changing facilities will be provided. Where possible parents should supervise their own children in the changing area otherwise supervision will not be by a single adult.
  • No child may be photographed or videoed without the consent of parent or guardian.
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly Criminal Record Bureau) checks to be made and kept up to date for the Principal(s) and staff.
  • Only suitably qualified persons will be employed in a teaching capacity while any student engaged to assist with teaching will only work under the supervision of a qualified member of staff.
  • In the event of activities outside the school premises the instructors will regard themselves as being in “loco parentis” and, so far as applicable and within their control, apply the preceding and subsequent guidelines as if the event was in their own studio.
  • Teachers will avoid any unnecessary physical contact with pupils. However, parents should understand that some aspects of teaching involve some contact. Where it is necessary teachers will use the utmost discretion and, in any event, not do so without another adult in the room.
  • The school principal(s) will ensure that he/she and the members of staff are properly covered against incidents involving public liability and professional negligence insurance.
  • The school principal(s) undertake not to involve in misleading or false advertising.
  • No form of discrimination, by religion, colour, the child’s background and so on will be tolerated in the school.
  • At all times, all staff will endeavour to keep the highest standards of instruction and behaviour. The school principals retain the right to discharge from the school any pupil who persistently disrupts the tuition, uses offensive language, or other anti-social behaviour.
  • Any safeguarding concerns regarding a child will be reported to a child protection lead and further advice may be sought from the NSPCC or Local Children’s Services if required.


Contact details

School Principal and Child Protection Lead   

Name: Keith Laughton

Phone: 07855 358327 



Deputy Child Protection Lead

Name: Rachel Laughton 

Phone: 07783 443754 



NSPCC Helpline 0808 800 5000 

This policy statement came into force on 10th February 2020

We are committed to reviewing our policy and good practice annually.  

This policy statement and accompanying procedures were last reviewed on 10th February 2020 

Author: K D Laughton         Version 1: 10/02/2020